Introduction of Tupu AI cloud service

Tupu AI cloud service is based on deep learning technology as the core, combined with massive data analysis, and automatically filter bad information in images, videos, texts, and voices. It currently covers yellow tyranny recognition, vulgar recognition, face recognition, document recognition, and scenes. Dozens of content review interfaces, such as identification, are called billions of times a day. This document center integrates the API access guide of each content review reference interface of Tupu, supplemented with text descriptions for the access & analysis process, and developers can choose to use them as needed.

If an error is reported during the access process, it can be solved by the following methods:

  1. View the parameter description returned by the interface in the task description, and query the error code description;
  2. Check whether the call parameters, data size, etc. meet the API call requirements;
  3. If the call fails after confirming that the above is correct, please contact Tupu staff.

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