Service public status code parse

code description
0 Call success
1 Authorization failed. Note that the public key and private key do not change anything, they must be paired with the public key passed to the Tupu account. If the version is confused, the public and private keys can be regenerated, the public key is re-uploaded, and the caller uses the new private key; in addition, There are two formats of private keys, which need to be determined by the programming language.detail
2 Train module information error
3 No file uploaded
4 API version error
5 API version is deprecated
6 SecretId error
7 TaskId error,secretId cannot call the task
8 SecretId status exception
9 Certificate not yet uploaded
10 PipId error
11 Lack callback parameter
12 Time parameter error
13 No calculation tasks are configured or all have been closed
14 File download error
15 Parameter illegal
17 Concurrency exceeds limit
18 Too few normal files
19 Exceeded the file limit for a single request
20 Face comparison, in vivo authentication of the avatar picture is invalid (download failure, picture oversized, illegal format, etc.)
21 Submit a duplicate voice stream
22 The voice task does not exist or has expired
100 Service error
101 Unknow error

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